Whatta World! * Whatta World!

In case you aren't in this part of the country, or if you don't watch television..there is an insane heat wave sweeping the Midwest. 

We, here in Michigan, are not made for extreme heat. 
Give us a blizzard or some below zero action and we are all set. 
We know how to deal. 

But this business, 100+ temps, is not our bag.
Those of us who are lucky enough to have air-conditioned homes, are sharing the wealth with our less fortunate friends. 
Cuz we are all just hiding out. 

Our local movie theaters are HOPPING! 
I have a feeling that the movie sales this weekend will break records due to the desperate folks hiding out from the sun and humidity. 
So, you're welcome Hollywood. 

Please God, make this stop. 

Whatever we did, we are sorry. 
Yours Respectfully, 
The Baked Michiganders