Your BEST.

Good morning!
I wanted to share something that occurred to me in the shower the other day..well just before I got in the shower. 
You know that moment..when you strip down and prepare to pull back the curtain and get into the delicious warmness of the shower..BUT you happen to see your body in the mirror across the room first?
Yep, I do. 
Most of the time, I am smart and I skip over that moment and close my eyes. 
But not this day. 
So with legions of disappointment and self loathing, I step into the shower. 
I spent the first 3 minutes just standing there...thinking about what a bad person I am for being chunky and then next I promise myself that I will only eat vegetables..and will run 5 miles a day..followed by a trip to the gym for an hour of weight lifting. 
Because I KNOW if I do these things then I will look like all of the girls we pin on Pinterest, with cute outfits and perfect hair and glowing skin and expensive shoes and amazing lives. Right?

But wait...
Then I have an I wish I would have had long ago.
I may get smaller, but I would never be one of those girls.
I would only be myself but with less mass.
Very few people on this earth, no matter what size, will look like super models.

Because humans aren't all made with those attributes. 
We don't all have long, shiny hair and perfect facial proportions..and no amount of punishment we put on our bodies or how much we ridicule ourselves in the shower will change those facts.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy, but there IS something wrong with trying to be someone that you are not.
I love myself. 
I love that my face is not perfect, my hair can be frizzy and unruly, my legs are a little stumpy and my torso is a little too long, my skin is pale and I get blotchy whenever I drink wine. 
I embrace that my lips just look like lips, not flotation devices.
My eyebrows and eyelashes are neither long nor dark.
My boobs do not stay in one place (up high), and my belly looks like it has many stories to tell. 
These are the battles I have waged against myself, and yet, the answer is so clear suddenly: 
Love those things. 
They make me who I am. 

And YOUR little secret "imperfections" make YOU who YOU ARE. 
The biggest lie of all is that we NEED to look "perfect" in order to be loved. 
How silly to have ever believed that, because I am loved already. 
And I bet you are too.