Summer Is The Time When...

We are now entering the second week of summer vacay here at the Midwest Habitat.
It goes without saying that with 5 children of all genders and sizes running around the house, I find myself SEVERELY underpaid.
Gone is the time where I could at least count on the kids bathroom looking cleanly for the 6 hours between morning rush and afternoon potty breaks.
Gone is the food that was in the fridge.
Gone is the laundry that was sometimes caught up.
Gone is the quiet that is now replaced with wrestling and brawling between sibs.
Hello to bikes on the front lawn and Popsicle wrappers on the living room floor.

Not to sound like Alexander and his horrible day BUT:

I woke up to the sound of a smoke detector because you can't put plastic in the toaster oven, my kitchen floor was invaded by Jello and other stickiness that has now found its way to the bottom of my foot, I broke up a stairwell brawl on my way to the bathroom, the bathroom looks like an episode of Hoarders-WipeOut edition due to the puddles that lurk under the towels and old TP rolls, my cupboards are empty because I haven't been to Kroger in the last 12 hours and my youngest just informed me that he accidentally let the dog out and he ran away with a man training for a half marathon.
I think this is gonna be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
And we all know that I DON'T live in Australia.