80's Kids, We Hit The Jackpot

I can't be alone in feeling this way. 
There is something un-endingly AWESOME about having grown up in the 80's. 

Let's put this into perspective.

I was born in (gulp) 1978, so that means my first memories are of the EARLY 80's. 

A time when Pong and roller skates and Cabbage Patch kids ruled kids wish lists at Christmas.

I lived in an urban (that's a nice word for DOWNTOWN) neighborhood and yet I was very much allowed to ride my first bike, SWEET THUNDER, all around the hood. 

We had a yard full of trees that kept us busy on hot summer days with branches galore to climb. 
We played dolls on my front porch and had mini Olympics (side walk races) to determine who was the fastest kid on the block. 
I proudly wore Oshkosh, Tuffskinz and Dr Scholls wooden sandals that made the most beautiful sound when I walked on my mom's dining room floor. 

I had this very bowl cut. 
You probably did too.

I played with my Lite Brite 
and Mr Mouth.

My brother and I shoveled the old lady's driveway next door and cleared 75 cents.

There were bullies and freaks on my block, but we just knew to stay away from them.

Kids had common sense then. 

When I started school, we watched film strips and our homework was on dittos. 
I watched the birth of Nickelodeon and enjoyed every minute of it. 

On rainy days we played Monopoly or Chuttes and Ladders.
I dreamed of the Sweet Pickles bus stopping at my door.

My parents got me immunized without a second thought of me catching autism. 
I didn't ride in a car seat until I was 9.
I never had a near death experience with peanut butter.
If my teachers yelled at me in school, my parents knew I deserved it.
When a dirty word crossed my lips, it was followed by the taste of soap. 
And helmets?  They were for astronauts. 

And I wouldn't trade any of those details for ANYTHING.

With all the consequences that we experienced through punishment or just by life teaching us the hard way, we earned FREEDOM. 
The freedom to be a kid and do DUMB things while we explored the world, often without parental supervision. 

Through trying to sanitize our kids environments (free of germs, weirdos, toxins) they have lost the ability to roam and learn about the world around them without filters. 

I am not advising we drop our kids off at the city jail and let them sleepover..but kids today have lost the sense of adventure that takes over when you're on a solo bike ride and feel a little LOST and have to find your way back. 
People often say "When I was little, my mother just told me to come home when the street lights turned on"...and now days, that parenting would be considered INADEQUATE or even CRIMINAL.
But 99% of the time, those "street light kids" came home safe and sound and perhaps a little wiser (all be it filthy and in need of a bath). 
There is a confidence that comes from doing things on your own and not having a parent hover over your shoulder. 
It builds character and made us responsible for our own actions..because if we didn't play nice with the other kids, 
the other kids would smack us. 

Lesson learned, my friend. 

So, yeah. 
I miss those days...and be sure of this, they are GONE.

My children's generation of classmates can't sneeze without a helicopter mother diving to catch the snot in a sheet of Puff Plus antibacterial tissue. 

Gals, if you are a child of the 80's, consider yourselves lucky. 
Raise your coffee cup 
(or wine glass depending on the time of day..we don't judge here) 
and let us toast the decade that made us..US


  1. No helmets or sunscreen or car seats? Truly. How did we survive?
    :) Great post!
    Thanks for stopping by at Lighten Up!


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