The Day After Labor Day Is My Favorite Holiday!

Well, it happened. 
I actually MADE it.
I know, I know..its cliche but I can honestly say..I BARELY made it this year.
They really got inside my head, you know.
I began to question my sanity..the thoughts, the frustrated thoughts, made me really begin to believe I was headed for an episode of SNAPPED on Oxygen network. 

If you haven't already guessed the topic is BACK TO SCHOOL. 
God bless our 5 special fruits of the loins...but DANG, 2 months and 29 days is TOO LONG.

I am a firm believer that loads of knowledge is lost in those months and that schools know this..But the government has issued them a large payment to keep up the old schedule of 3 months off in the summer just as a sociology experiment on the parents. 
They look to see if rates of substance abuse and/or homicide go up during those months.
I would bet they do.
Don't get me wrong, I love my children dearly. 
But if I have to hear one more episode of Sponge Bob or Lego Ninjago on the TV or get an earful about how Grace isn't sharing the head will explode.

My primary complaints? 

1) My grocery bill. The speed at which food was leaving our refrigerator this summer was mind blowing.

2) Messes. I have sat in more little boy pee (on the seat) and stepped on more chunks of food than I wish to. 

3) Noise. My kids like to spar. Often.

4) Up in my grill. Not the one we cook burgers on..but my face. I haven't read a book or magazine in months. And my kids aren't babies so that shouldn't be true..but they like SENSE IT when you begin to do something like read, and cut you off with whines or demands. 

5) My preteen daughters ATTITUDE. I have had just about enough of that..I almost went all "Days Of Our Lives" on her yesterday..I could feel the urge to smack her ALMOST take over. 

What will I miss? 

The swimming. 

But otherwise, welcome fall..You slow, slow savior. 

Happy Post Labor Day to mothers one and all!!